Main Features

  • Introduction of Web Technologies
  • Basic of HTML5 + CSS3 + Bootstrap
  • JavaScript + jQuery
  • Programming Logics
  • Core PHP
  • OOPs Concepts
  • MySQL + Database Designing
  • PHP with MySQL Integration
  • CMS – WordPress Theme + Plugins
  • MVC Concepts
  • Framework – CakePHP
  • APIs – Creation and Utilization
  • Payment Gateway Integration

About Course

PHP Development is complete training program with fundamental of HTML5, CSS3 and PHP with comprehensive practice in coding of web applications.

PHP is a server side scripting languages which is used for web application developments. PHP language is most popular & easy Open source scripting languages as per compare to other languages.

As PHP is widely using in all companies/applications so there are lot of career opportunities. As it is easy to learn so this is more career oriented than any other technology.

Course Content


What will be course duration ?

2.0 Hours/Day for 3.0 Months