Skills Required

Basic Programming Knowledge of –

  • C/C++
  • PHP OOPS Concept
  • PHP Framework Architecture
  • MySQL/MySQLi Databases
  • HTML
  • CSS

About Real Time Project

Our Real Time Project Development Program is specially designed to  Push Up  the students and  Job Seekers  who are lacking the appropriate experience, exposure and skill set in IT industry. In Real Time Projects Program you will not only gain knowledge and experience but you will be able to get the job easily in IT industry. We Offer real time projects training in PHP With MySql. We provide our students to the live environment by providing them the required training and allowing them to work with our team of experts which makes them an experienced professional. We Provide 100% Placement  assistance to our students.

The Goal of Real Time Project Program is to develop and enhance individual competencies which align with the framework of organizations requirement to addresses its business challenge. The Primary objective of this program is to act as a catalyst for the growth of the people driven IT Industry in World.

The Main Purpose of Real Time Projects Program is to make better Skill of the candidate. This Program plays an important role between the candidates and company and advising the company on the measure necessary for improvement of the  Students Knowledge  and Experience. The Real Time Project Training increased the candidate interface with the IT Industry by way of training, workshops, seminars, projects etc…


  • Trainer with 10 years experience in it industry
  • Exposure to live projects.
  • Developing the projects in real time environment.
  • During the Real Time or Live Project Development helps you to learn all critical skills.
  • You Will be gain an experience on working with real time live project.

Benefits of Real Time Project

  • Our Genuine Projects enables you to easily develop the modern web application.
  • In this Project you aware the complexity with real time environment and hand-on experience to develop a Web.
  • You can learn how to to design or develop the Web page.

Important Points

  • Become an Experienced Professional and secure your job in next interview.
  • 100% Placement Support.
  • Excellent In-House Placement Opportunities as well as Outside Placement
  • A Training Certificate is provide through the TECHENGee…
  • At TECHENGee it is not just to provide training it is a long term relationship and career building opportunity for the students.
  • Our Robust HR Department practices enable us to create this environment for you.
  • Learn team work best Practices.
  • Guidance with highly Professional TRAINERS.
  • Learn working environment and company discipline.
  • Learn different approaches and tactics to develop projects.
  • Increase your Confidence Level.

Project Management Planning

  • Aim of Project
  • Outputs
  • Quality Criteria
  • Resources
  • Management Structures
  • Milestones
  • Tolerances
  • Dependencies
  • Risks
  • Schedule

Steps to planning a Project

  • Step 1: Create a Project Plan
  • Step 2: Create a Resource Plan
  • Step 3: Create a Financial Plan
  • Step 4: Create a Quality Plan
  • Step 5: Create a Risk Plan
  • Step 6: Create an Acceptance Plan
  • Step 7: Create a Communication Plan
  • Step 8: Create a Procurement Plan
  • Step 9: Contract the Suppliers
  • Step 10: Perform Phase Review