TECHENGee classroom training  where the students can develop their skills and that directly transfer from the classroom to the workplace.

Every Classroom Training course includes the planning , design , implementation , and support phases of the technology adoption of the course. Hence every student who comes into the classroom training is made to understand the skills demanded by the industry and is mentored to lead a responsible role for the benefit of the industry, that is why the student never feel the difference when they are moving between various technologies in their training path.

As a team we in TECHENGee make the students realize the challenging trends that are up-coming in the fields of the software industry , each and every student is transformed from the basics to the advanced implementations in the product and application development. Every trainer is mentored by the academic training research division to the mentor the students as per the industrial standards.

We will provide a  Real Time Project classroom training with code explanation and implementation. Our Training modules are completely designed according to current IT Company requirement.

Our Technology Specialization and Certification Programs are Designed to train the Students to prove their skills in IT industry. Our professional collective has experience ranging from design to development. We combine this knowledge with proactive thinking and strategic planning to approach new challenges with your overall business objectives in mind.